• Enjoy Your cup of coffee
  • Take the photograph of Your cup
  • Send the photo to real foretellers
1. Take the photograph of Your cup so that the inner part is visible (with the cup's handle on the right).
2. Take another photograph of Your cup so that the inner part is visible (with the cup's handle on the left).
3. Pin the sediment on the bottom of the cup with Your middle finger, take a photograph of the cup from above.
4. From the list of foretellers choose the one You wish to send the photograph of your cup to. The language on which the prediction is made is mentioned next to the names of each of the foretellers. The green sign next to foretellers' name indicates that they are online.
5. You will have an option to chose Your preferred language to use the Application and the country of Your location from the list of the languages and the countries available at the personal section of the Application. The default language of the Application is set to English, the country - Armenia. The service is not available in the countries not mentioned in the list. The service also won't operate in case of choosing a country different from Your current location.
6. The privacy of Your personal information is warrant by our Terms of Use. Read our Terms of Use here.
7. The number on the coffee cup placed under the name of the foretellers indicates the number of the predictions.
8. You can rate the fortunetellers by pressing the coffee seeds in front of their names. You can rate only those fortunetellers from whom You've received a fortune prediction.
9. For accurate prediction send three photographs.
10. While sending the photographs of the coffee cup, money will be charged from You via short message. After the money is charged from You, You will receive an appropriate message from the Foreteller informing you whether Your fortune prediction order was declined or accepted.
11. If the quality of the photographs is low and not suitable for fortune prediction, You'll receive a message about it. If the quality of the photographs is low and they are declined, the charged amount of money will not be refund.
12. You will be informed about the price for each order based on the rates for Your country via pop-up menu.
13. The foretellers are real individuals, their predictions are based on the photographs of the coffee cup sent by You. The foretellers are suggesting, not forcing. The “Fortune Cup” system is not responsible for the accuracy, content and the consequences of the fortune predictions made by the foretellers.
14. Do You have a unique ability to make fortune predictions? Register in our system.