About Application
     Fortune Cup is a Mobile App through which real fortune tellers will read your fortune on your coffee mug.

     For the first time in Armenia an application was developed which brought the fortune tellers straight into your phone.

     You've turned over your coffee cup but there is no fortune teller around? No need to turn to a neighbor or a friend; turn to the Fortune Cup App in your phone. There is a fortune teller in your mobile device.

     Take snapshots of your coffee mug and send them to the fortune tellers of the Fortune Cup. The fortune tellers are real and all the predictions are individual.

     May Fortune Always Smile On You!

     The mission of Fortune Cup is to connect those who are in search of their fortune predictions with real fortune tellers.
     Fortune Cup is a brainchild of Seda Muradyan, co-founder of Public Journalism Club NGO, a journalist, who developed this product in cooperation with an entrepreneur Ara Yaghjyan and Nikita Mobile.

     The product's rights are owned by Seda Muradyan and Ara Yaghjyan.

     All rights, including copyright, are protected under national and international laws and are owned and controlled by Seda Muradyan and Ara Yaghjyan.

     The application was released in October 2013.
     It is developed by X-Tech Creative Studio .